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G&D Indoor Hops LLC

Executive Summary

G&D Indoor Hops LLC (the ‘Company’) is a new business dedicated to the growing of hops indoors in support of the worldwide craft brewing industry.

The Company plans to build a series of production facilities that breed, grow, harvest, process, package and sell wet hops, dry hops and hops oil with monthly crops year round.

A reservation has been submitted to build the first facility in the Sugar Beet District Project of NetZero Colorado in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Growing Hops Indoors

It is possible to grow hops indoors. Within a controlled environment, it is possible to:

  • ·         Harvest hops every week of the year
  • ·         Increase the pounds of production per plant
  • ·         Grow hops organically and consistently with high quality
  • ·         Breed new proprietary varieties in a shorter time period
  • ·         Reduce labor and associated costs
  • ·         Reduce water use by 90% and operate with a sustainable net zero environmental impact

Planned Facility

It is planned to construct and operate five hops production facilities (70,000 square feet at an estimated  cost of $4.9 million – 15,000 square feet non-growing space and 55,000 square feet growing space) that will produce 583,000 pounds of wet hops (145,800 dry pounds) that will be sold in wet (20% of crop at an average of $9/lb.), dry leaf (5% of crop at an average of $12/lb.), dry pellet (80% of crop at an average of $12/lb.) and oil extract (5% of crop at average of $12/lb.) for an estimated $2.8 million resulting in a projected annual profit of $540,000.  The goal is to supply 50% of the Colorado craft brewing market.


The Company was founded by Richard Gordon and Karl Dakin.  Richard is an expert in controlled environments specializing in HVAC, heat pumps and humidity control.  Karl  is an expert in business startups and funding.

 Richard Gordon Karl Dakin

ragordon@peak.org kdakin@dakincapital.com

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